Future DXpeditions

The last two years have been really busy with visits to OC-228, OC-196, OC-233, OC-198, OC-216 and OC-234 in 2017 and OC-140, OC-164, OC-170, OC-193, OC-199 & OC-220 in 2018.

So where next? I’ve put in applications to Government Parks and Wildlife services to visit other rare VK IOTAs and so now its just a waiting game. My focus is on activating Lacepedes Islands OC-214 and so that’s my first priority for my next VK IOTA activation. Fingers crossed there’ll be some good news from authorities about OC-214. 

island castaway

Unfortunately, Australia has a reputation for many creatures that can kill you. The more remote you go, the likelihood of encountering deadly creatures seems to increase.


Local, state and commonwealth governments spend a lot of resources on protecting the environment. Whilst I of course admire this and I’m proud of my country’s environment, but it does make it a challenge to access many areas. There are many locations classified as marine reserve parks or national parks where public access is either totally forbidden or heavily restricted. Some you can access with a permit but overnight stays are not allowed. So to execute a successful DXpedition it requires a special permit. It normally starts with emails and phone calls trying to prove I’m not a crazy weirdo. It’s not just a matter of authorities being concerned about us causing damage. It’s also a matter of the authority not wanting to be responsible for the search and rescue of silly expeditioners who have gotten themselves in trouble.

With every VK IOTA that I visit there is a process

puss in boots 1
Go through the list of VK IOTA’s that I need
01 where to go.jpg
What island group would I like to visit
02 get focussed.jpg
Get focussed – start planning
03 finding a boat.jpg
Find a boat captain or plane pilot – determine a safe and cost effective way of getting to the island
04 barriers.jpg
Come up against barriers – the challenge of coming up against government bureaucracy when trying to get permission for an activation
05 negotiate
06 permission
Permission granted! – The jubilation of getting approval to activate the island
07 budget.jpg
The shock of calculating the budget
08 tell the wife
It’s time to tell my wife
09 begging
…….I’m not too proud to beg…….


10 get on the air
Then finally – I get on the air


Its difficult to know when (or if) permission will be granted for the next VK IOTA, all I can say is that I’m trying, waiting and hoping for good news in the future?












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