VK5CE 2018 IOTA tour

UPDATE June 18 1930 UTC – OC-193 NOW QRT – NEXT STOP IS OC-170
I’m now QRT from Cheyne Island, Club Log upload has been done, see the OC-193 Club Log link on this page. It’s 330am local time so I’ll grab a few hours sleep and on Tuesday morning I’ll pack up the tent and generator camp and antennas and be back on the mainland by lunchtime, its then a 4.5 hour drive east to the next port of call. Early on Wednesday morning I’ll take the short boat ride to OC-170. I’ll have a building to use and so it won’t take as long as a tent/generator camp to build. As I’m only there for two nights, I won’t worry about setting up the digital gear or 30m antenna, I’ll use 15m, 17m, 20m and 40m SSB. I’ll be able to use internet on the island for all those self spots.
For OC-170 I intend to starting operating at 0400 UTC on June 20 and be QRT at 1900 UTC on June 21.
OC-193 and OC-170 are only around 400 km away from each other and so propagation with be similar to here. My likely operating schedule on OC-170 on June 20 and 21 will be:
0400 to 0900 UTC on 20m for EU, NA and AS (may visit 17m and 15m if 20m slows down)
0930 to 1200 UTC on 40m for NA and AS
1200 to 1300 UTC rest
1300 to 1530 UTC on 20m for EU
1530 to 2200 UTC on 40m for EU (looking for Brazil at 1900 UTC)
It was very encouraging to finally see some SP EU openings in my evening on 20m in the last two nights around 1400 to 1530 UTC. It was also good tonight on 40m to see the north east of NA being worked on 40m into ON (VE3), CT, PA and NH.

This VK IOTA DXpedition adventure is in honour of the 25th anniversary of  the Russian Robinson Club


VK IOTA tour award

If you work me on 4 of the 6 IOTA’s activated this month, you’ll be eligible for the VK IOTA award celebrating 25 years of the Russian Robinson Club. 

High quality plaque option available from Most Wanted DX website (click here)


VK IOTA award2
Free pdf version of award. Email me at vk5ce@yahoo.com.au


 June 2 2018 – IOTA OC-164 Rottnest Island – claimed by 23.0%
June 6-8 2018 – IOTA OC-199 East Lewis Island – claimed by 18.3%
 June 9-11 2018 – IOTA OC-140 Thevenard Island – claimed by 17.4%
June 15-18 2000 UTC 2018 – IOTA OC-193 Cheyne Island – claimed by 14.9% 
June 20 0400 UTC -21 2000 UTC 2018 – IOTA OC-170 Woody Island – claimed by 23.1%
June 26 or 27-28 2018 – IOTA OC-220 St Peter Island – claimed by 26.0%  



Thank you to the following sponsors

(people sponsoring before the DXpedition will automatically receive a card for all IOTA’s if you’re in the log and you’ll also receive a special VK IOTA fridge magnet gift with your QSL card)








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My last IOTA DXpeditions were in October as VK5CE/8 OC-198 and in November as VK9AR OC-216. Then in December I was busy doing the new Island Radio Expedition Foundation website http://www.irefradio.com and this VK IOTA website. So at Christmas it was time to think about 2018.

I’ve been so lucky to do a NEW IOTA each year in 2014 (VK6ISL OC-294), 2015 (S79C AF-119), 2016 (ZL9A OC-286) and then the ultra-rare VK9AR OC-216 at the end of 2017. The problem is that now IOTA chasers expect a NEW IOTA or ultra-rare activation every year. The IOTA chasers around the world are very passionate which is wonderful and I’ve been receiving emails asking where I’ll be going in 2018. Please remember it can take many years to get permission to just get approval to operate from these ones and they cost up to $10,000 per person to activate. So its not easy to do one each year.

There is a very rare IOTA activation of OC-214 I’m working on now. 

For 2018 after looking at different options I saw the possibility of doing a big road trip along the southern coast of Western Australia and then going up the western coast of the state. 

So while these IOTA’s aren’t ultra-rare 0-5% claimed groups, its still very important for us activators to visit the 15-25% claimed groups for the island chasers who have 300, 400, 500 or 600 islands claimed. If IOTA activators ignore the 10-25% claimed islands, then the IOTA program won’t grow.

VK map - Copy

OC-164 Rottnest Island: June 2 (VK5CE/6)

This IOTA is claimed by 23% of chasers. I wasn’t going to go here as I already have it and it’s  very very easy for Perth hams to visit. So this island isn’t a real DXpedition, I just did a quick one day visit there to make a couple of hundred contacts.

OC-199 East Lewis Island: June 6-8 (VK5CE/6)

This IOTA is claimed by 18.3% of chasers and was last on the air in 2012. This is an uninhabited island protected by the Parks and Wildlife, Western Australian Government. A tent and generator operation was done here with verticals on the high tide of the beach.

49% on 40m, 22% on 20m, 20% on 15m, 9% on 17m.

43% with EU, 29% with AS, 19% with OC, 8% with NA. 

OC-140 Thevenard Island: June 9-11 (VK5CE/6)

This IOTA is claimed by 17.4% of chasers and was last on the air in 2003. This island is just a few hundred km from OC-199 and propagation on both islands were very similar, statistics show better conditions to EU especially on 20m.

41% on 40m, 33% on 20m, 13% on 15m, 13% on 17m.

55% with EU, 19% with AS, 19% with OC, 6% with NA.

OC-193 Cheyne Island: June 15-18 QRT 2000 UTC (VK5CE/6)

This IOTA is claimed by 14.9% of chasers and was last on the air in 2007. This is an uninhabited island protected by the Parks and Wildlife, Western Australian Government. A tent and generator operation will be done here with verticals on the high tide of the beach, there is a water path on the short path to Europe and Asia and long path to North America. See updates in red at the top of this page.


OC-170 Woody Island: June 20 0400 UTC – 21 2000 UTC (VK5CE/6)

This IOTA is claimed by 23.1% of chasers and was last on the air in 2012. There is eco-camping available on the island and power exists from solar panels so I’ll be using my generator for electricity. The shack is not located on the beach and so as well as verticals, I’ll be using a Spiderbeam yagi for 20m/17m/15m. I’m hoping to be QRV from June 20 at 0400 UTC and will go QRT around 2000 UTC on June 22.

Where will I be on OC-170:

0000-0100 UTC       20m EU (SP), NA (LP) and AS

0100-0300 UTC       20m (LP) and AS

0400-0900 UTC       20m NA (SP), EU (LP) and AS

0900-1000 UTC       17m AS and EU

0900-1300 UTC       40m NA (SP) and AS 

1500-2100 UTC       40m EU (SP) and AS

2300-0000 UTC       20m EU (SP/LP) and AS

OC-220 St Peter Island: June 26-28 or 27-28 (VK5CE/P)

This IOTA is claimed by 26.0% of chasers and the only reason I’m visiting this island is that it’s on the way home and I know someone who has a boat in Ceduna. I work in Ceduna 6 times a year and so this person can take me there. I know the island well as I conducted a major DXpedition there in 2015. I’m going there for a few days to do some aid work with the Aboriginal Community of Ceduna and maybe also Koonibba and so it won’t be a full time operation, but I’ll be on the bands as much as possible. Exact days and times between June 26-28 will be announced closer to the time. I probably won’t know until June 26 when I arrive at the remote community to see what kind of work I’ll be doing there. Remember I already did a DXpedition to OC-220 in 2015 and made 4200 QSOs in 3.5 days https://vkiota.wordpress.com/past-dxpeditions/oc-220-vk5ce-p-st-peter-island/ 

Where will I be on OC-220 on the following possible times:

0000-0200 UTC       20m NA (LP) and AS

0200-0400 UTC       15m AS

0400-0600 UTC       20m NA (SP)

0600-0830 UTC       20m NA (SP), EU (LP) and AS

0730-1400 UTC       40m NA (SP) and AS 

1400-2200 UTC       40m EU (SP) and AS

2200-0000 UTC       20m AS


Icom IC-7000

Icom IC-706MKIIG (spare radio)

Solid state amp – 400W

Honda EU10i generator

Spiderbeam yagi for 20m/17m/15m on 10m Spiderbeam mast

Quarter wave verticals for 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m (utilising Spiderbeam 12m fibreglass poles)

The Journey

This 30 day operation involves 6 IOTA DXpeditions with 9600 km of driving. This will be a great adventure, I’ve never activated 6 IOTA in one trip ever before. Three islands are uninhabited so it will be a tent and generator operation on the high tide mark of the beach for OC-193 OC-199 and OC-220. For OC-140, OC-164 and OC-170 there is shelter and solar panel power available so it’ll need generator power. Each island is different and requires a different range of life support, power and antenna equipment. Therefore it is actually cheaper to drive my vehicle full of gear rather than fly. This add many more travel days and time away from home, family and work, but it ensures better signals and more control over the DXpedition.  


QSL and Online Logs

Online logs will be updated regularly during the DXpeditions. Click the Club Log logos to see if you are in the log. For people sending in sponsorship before the DXpedition, you will automatically receive a QSL for all IOTA’s if you are in the log.


VK5CE/6 OC-140


VK5CE/6 OC-164


VK5CE/6 OC-170


VK5CE/6 OC-193


VK5CE/6 OC-199


VK5CE/P OC-220


Just click on the above Club Log logos for direct QSL card requests (please see below for bureau)


Send US $3 and a self addressed envelope. IRC’s will not be accepted. If you send less than US$3 or an IRC, your card will go via the bureau. Send direct requests to Craig Edwards, PO Box 2160, Goolwa SA 5214, Australia


If you want a QSL card via the bureau, don’t request it via Club Log. I will send your card via the bureau once I receive your QSL card via the bureau.


For those people who are kind enough to send in a donation of US $5 or more prior to the start of the DXpedition then there is no need to request a QSL card. I will automatically send you QSLs directly if you’re in the OC-140, OC-164, OC-170, OC-193, OC-199 and/or OC-220 logs. Pre-DXpedition sponsors will also receive a special VK IOTA fridge magnet gift.


japan-flag12 JA you can send your donation via Pay Pal to  vkiotadxpedition@yahoo.com.au